Teachers conclude citizenship course [Archives:2006/1001/Local News]

November 23 2006

TAIZ, Nov. 22 ) Women's Forum for Researches and Training and the Center for Civil Education and Democracy are concluding a course for training male and female teachers on the citizenship project.

“The program continues its work with Yemeni schools and universities for the fourth successive year. It already reached hundreds of teachers and thousands of students in cities and rural areas,” said Suad Al-Qadasi, chairwoman of the women's forum. “During this time period, students presented several projects concerned with public policies and set an action plan for their activities.”

The training involved more than 60 primary and secondary school male and female teachers from throughout Taiz governorate. During the course, the teachers played the students' role and carried out real programs, aimed at spreading awareness about citizenship projects.

Students still are continuing work with officials, local administrations, parents, media personnel and civil community organizations with the aim to attract partners to help in tackling many social issues, which their project addresses, said Al-Qadasi.

“We take pride in our capability of integrating thousands of students in tackling issues of societies. Through these courses, students develop skills in constructive criticism and analyzing public policies, as well as suggesting solutions to social issues,” explained Al-Qadasi.

The citizenship project contributes to the democratic transformation via improving the skills of citizens to be effective partners in sustainable development.