Tears of Iraq [Archives:2007/1020/Letters to the Editor]

January 29 2007

By: Barkatullah Marwat
Tears are tears whether they fall from a poor or rich person's eyes or from an Iraqi or American mother's. Most the U.S. papers marking the number of U.S. Marines killed in Iraq so far are 3000, adding that mothers shed tears. It was sad that they could see the tears of the mothers of 3000 soldiers while ignoring the mothers of 655,000 innocent Iraqi civilian. In my view, situations of Iraqi mothers are serious and worse than that of the American because a U.S. mother's lose only son while Iraqi mother lose the whole family.

Bush has been trying his best to win the Iraqi war but all his prescriptions, planning, meetings, agendas, homework and strategies are continuously ending in smoke. I am afraid that someday he will be forced to either bomb Iraq and Afghanistan like Hiroshima and Nagasaki and/or commit suicide.

It was coincidence that on one hand he succeeded in hanging a president who he, his predessors, had supported fully in the past while on the other hand he paid tributes to his predessor, Ford, who died as the 39th President of United States of America.

Let's not forget that Allah's wrath is not only for Muslims who are undergoing these days, but also for non-Muslims and we can see it in what the former Israeli premier, Arial Sharon, the killer of innocent Palestinians, is now experiencing being in the state of coma. According to the religious scholars, the state of coma is also a kind of punishment for a wrongdoer. Thus Sharon is a vivid example for Olmert who has been following in the footsteps of the former. What if a Palestinian youth could not harm him, but at least Allah is omnipresent and the Most Powerful and Qaha'ar to punish one for his/her misdeeds?

As regards the footage of Saddam's execution spread across the globe, the puppet Iraqi premier, Al Maliki, who was clearly seen at the time of execution, signing the authorization, is reported to have ordered a probe in the act of taking footage of the execution, but what about the whole film which was recorded just to show his masters Bush and Blair? It's nothing but just to save his skin now.

Barkatullah Marwat

[email protected]