TEC Looks into 1756 Cases in Taiz [Archives:2000/45/Local News]

November 6 2000

After a long procrastination, Abduljabar al-kharasani, a judge used to work in Taiz Eastern Court, has bowed to orders of the Justice Minister and handed 856 files of cases used to be kept at his home.
His Majesty court chairman, Yahya al-Eryani appointed Judge Amin Abdulhaq, a well-reputed judge, to settle all these cases. Judge Amin told YT I first received about 856 cases and now there are more 900 cases. That is a heavy and tiring job that needs time. We are doing our best to settle these cases and we have released some of the prisoners.
Some cases are not decided yet though they have been brought before court since 1997 and they do not need more than two weeks to decide them. However, no verdict was passed. Some people still come to court asking about their cases which means that there are still some cases in possession of judge Abduljabar al-Kharasani.
On my part, Ill do my best to serve justice to the people despite the difficulties I face.
Regarding the case of Aziz al-Jabali, who a month ago sent a memo to Human rights organizations, YT and many other Newspapers protesting the violations of the previous judge and his detaining for more than two years without proceeding any session on his trial and disclosing the wrong deeds of judge Abduljabar al-kharasani, Judge Amin said that he was looking into the case and it would be ended soon. He also said that the prosecution was ordered to bring by force another party involved in the case for he refused to appear before court.