Teenager still held hostage by teacher [Archives:2005/899/Local News]

December 1 2005

SANA'A, Nov. 29)Seventeen year old Nazeeh Ali Dirhim son of Ali Dirhim a prominent businessman is still not released yet. Ali Dirhim owner of Yedco Company in Hodiedah has reported the kidnapping of his son on the 6th of last month by a group from Bani Dhabian, led by Colonel Ahmed Saleh Abdullah Altahiry, a teacher in the Special Forces. Apparently the businessman had occupied a land in Aden that belonged to Altahiry, who claims to have proof to this. While Dirhim claims to be the rightful owner of the disputed land which he had legally bought from the government.

Although the location of the kidnapped teenager are known to be in Garadh area in Bani Dhibian, 80 kilometers south of Sana'a authorities have still not taken measures for the release.

However a security officer concerned with the case told Yemen Times that they surrounded the area and arrested 25 persons since the kidnapping. The arrested people belong to Bani Dhabian but were arrested as hostages while they were in Sana'a. The hostages were taken so as to exercise pressure on Bani Dhabian Tribe to carry out an exchange release in return for Nazzeh's freedom. The Ministry if Interior has reported that it is collecting evidences of the abductor's whereabouts and his place of work.

This is not the only case of its kind carried out by this tribe. Bani Dhibnan and al-Hada tribe lead by al-Houmaidi member of Bani Dhabian is still holding hostage son of Abdullatef Alsudie, a Sana'a perfume merchant. He was abducted after Dirhim's son, however not much has been said about his case.

Other tribes have condemned the whole issue complaining about the states double standards in dealing with abduction cases. Stating that had the kidnapped people been from the president's tribe then the state takes extreme measure to rescue the hostages. However, with more than 3 weeks passed since the kidnapping of citizens from other Yemeni places although the location and kidnappers are known. Son of Abdullatef Alsudie was also taken Bani Dhabian area on the demands that the rights of a fellow tribe's man should be established. This fellow used to be a partner in a shop of the victim's father.

The Yemeni Council for businessmen and investors sent a letter to the Minister of Interior, holding him responsible for the increase in terrorist acts that threatened stability. They warned of the prospect of the transference of capitals abroad due to such acts. The letter said that the leniency of the authorities towards the abductors encouraged them to continue their operations against the businessmen.