Ten commandments for Yemen [Archives:2008/1133/Community]

February 28 2008

By: A Yemeni abroad
[email protected]

1. Food and clean water for all

2. Health and sanitation for all

3. Education and modern science for all

4. Death for corrupt individuals

5. Stop your pride that you're from such and such tribe (read the story of Salman Al-Farsi from the book of God)

6. Freedom of speech, respect and equal rights for all

7. Equal justice and imprisonment for only criminals and killers

8. More work, less talk and building up the economy

9. Fair elections without drama – no more kids stuff because we're adults

10. Stop chewing qat, stay healthy, do some exercise in your free time or do homework and teach your kids. Stop brandishing AK-47s, get the notebooks and go to school because time is money or gold