Terrorism: a major problem for Yemen [Archives:2004/772/Letters to the Editor]

September 13 2004

R. Kandeth,
[email protected]

I am sure that the impending visit of President Ali Abdullah Saleh to London and the discussions that he is expected to hold with British Prime Minister Tony Blair will yield tangible results especially in the fight against terrorism.
Looking back at the September 11th attack on the U.S.A. though the terrorist aimed at one nation only, it wounded the entire world. It was a unity born of horror, of fear, of outrage, and of profound sympathy with the American people. It was no doubt an attack on all humanity not on the U.S.A.
We should recognize the fact that wherever there are common aims, there are common enemies and the eloquent global answer to the attacks on humanity is to get united and act firmly to eradicate terrorism. The international community across all lines of religion and race should join hand to fight terrorism.
It is sincerely hoped that as has been in the past Yemen would take strong action in its fight against terrorism under the guidelines of President Ali Abdullah Saleh.