Terrorism! [Archives:2001/44/Reportage]

October 22 2001

Ahmed M. Abdulmalik Al-Hiajem
Terrorism has become the stubborn affliction of the modern age, particularly on the last two decades. Indeed all this affliction is utterly a Zionist and a Western invention, which now has backfired on them all. The attacks of September 11 on the U.S. are a Zionist orchestrated-event in terms of planning and direction, which occurred in the wake of some significant events like the Palestinian uprising in the Occupied Lands, forcing the Israeli occupation forces from southern Lebanon, and the withdrawal of the U.S., along with Israel, from the Durban Anti-Racism Conference, as over 4000 organizations condemned the racism of the Zionist entity and the U.S. as well. All this has forced the Zionists to carry out the latest incidents with the view of making the world sympathize with them against their enemy, “Islam.” Factually, this practice is always the creed of the Jews and if we would like to establish our thoughts about this subject the following conclusions can be developed: The superpowers along with Israel have been trying for a long time to cover their evil acts under the pretext of human rights and democracy. In the beginning, nuclear disarmament and realizing global peace were adopted as an a method of intervening in the affairs of other nations. Democracy, human rights and now terrorism are a guise for violating the national sovereignty of different countries worldwide. Terrorism is the direct result of oppression and the policy of double standards that the superpowers have been practicing on other countries for decades. Political, religious and economic oppression has been the breeding ground for terrorism, which rebels against the contradictions of this world rather than being crazed violent. Yet terrorism has not been clearly defined and this, in turn, leads to controversy regarding terror itself. Consequently, there should be a clear-cut distinction between terrorism and the struggle of nations against occupation and oppression. Terrorism like that of the Zionist State against the defenseless Palestinians is just an example of state-sponsored terrorism.
An example of the interventions of the superpowers with other countries is what happened in Iraq, as the U.N. Security Council issued many resolutions demanding the disarmament of Iraq from nuclear weapons under the pretext that this move is the first step towards disarming the whole Middle East from weapons of mass destruction. In practice, these resolutions are only applied on Iraq, despite the existence of nuclear states in the region, such as the Zionist State. Similarly, North Korea was requested to open its nuclear reactor for the inspectors of the Nuclear Energy Agency. Thus, the possession of nuclear weapons is a pretext to intervene in the internal affairs of other countries.
Intervention on Humanitarian Grounds
This is also applicable to Iraq, as when the allied countries designated a safe enclave on northern Iraq, in accordance with U.N. Resolution No. 91 banning the Iraqi army from penetrating its own lands, but the same resolution never banned the Turkish army from dispatching several military contingents for exterminating the Kurdish rebels based in northern Iraq. And this is similar to the case of the southern-no-fly zone imposed unilaterally by the government of President Bush Senior, following the Second Gulf War, without even referring to the U.N. Security Council; while the Israeli warplanes and helicopter gunships are roaming southern Lebanon to bomb the Lebanese population there without even a word of condemnation on the part of the U.S. This also happened again in Somalia when the U.S. troops neglected its peacekeeping role to be one of the warring factions there. These are some examples of the ruthless policies of the U.S. in different parts of the world. Furthermore, many outrageous violations have been perpetrated by the U.S and some European countries, as reported by Amnesty International in September 17, 1997, noting that the European countries had sent back many Algerian opposition members to their country, which is a clear violation of Article 33 of the Geneva Convention. Another example of the policy of double standards of the Western world is the case of the defectors who used to oppose the communist regimes in their countries, fleeing their countries by hijacking airplanes and forcing them to go to the West, where they used to be received as heroes, while hijackers of Middle-Eastern complexion are treated as terrorists. Here we have to remember the call of President Saleh to the Western countries not to harbor “true” terrorist elements who may endanger world peace, but to no avail.
Mercenaries are an issue of major concern since it is an intolerable violation of international law and tampering with the destinies of nations through groups of thugs. An example to be recalled here is the French mercenaries, who caused anarchy and carried out several coups d’état in Africa, and are even hosted in the official media. Similarly, the case of Russian mercenaries, “traders of nuclear briefcase” as quoted by the national security advisor of the former Russian president Elssin, as that more than 100 nuclear briefcases were reported missing. A similar case to that of the Russian arms traders, is the group of German mercenaries who were arrested while fighting side by side with the Croatian forces in their war against the Bosnians. This group admitted that they had carried out 2519 racist attacks against humanity. Let’s see how they (Westerners) misconstrue facts, as the Telegraph said, on September 25, 2001, “It is a misfortune that Islamic hard-liners possess modern arms and those people are mainly concerned with destroying the Western civilization with the support of Arab and Islamic states that should be removed from the U.N., and if we failed to do so then the U.N. itself should be removed.” The question now is can we compare those who stole 100 nuclear briefcases, the other guys who perpetrated 2510 crimes against humanity in a single year, and the stone-throwers in Palestine?
What is Terrorism?
Terrorism is attacking countries without any justification, impoverishing nations, exploiting resources of nations and, perhaps, the resources of the whole world; religious and political oppression; instigating violence and fueling wars; adopting double standard policies and a lack of human justice among nations; hiring mercenaries and armed gangs and finally, the absence of real democracy.
The U.S. and Islam
After the ruthless terrorist attacks on the U.S., it has never come to mind that the world is outraged by the U.S.’s stance towards terrorism, saying that it will eradicate it from its breeding grounds and that this war will be a merciless “crusades war.” What is more strange is that the finger of blame is pointed at Islam even before it is known who perpetrated the attacks. Mosques were set on fire, many Muslims were mercilessly murdered in streets and in their houses, and the veil has become a symbol of terrorism, all this in the countries of civilization. Now the U.S. has made Afghanistan its enemy number one after being its spoiled baby for years. With this the U.S. aims at dealing a fatal blow to this country, to threaten even the powerful countries of the world and to make the last stone for globalization in its military form.