Terrorist crimes in the name of Islam [Archives:2005/867/Letters to the Editor]

August 11 2005

Hussein H. al Sayaghi
Sana'a Yemen
[email protected]

What happened in London or ales where against innocent civilians, Is a disgraceful criminal act by all means and against Islamic principals and teachings. In addition, these criminal acts are against all Muslims interests. Nothing on earth justifies such crimes.

We all know that Muslims are suffering all over the world and crook western politicians justifications of there racism decisions since the crossover war and world wars 1&2 do not convince any one.

Muslims are already suffering every where for no reasons from discriminations, racism and oppressions of all kinds; i.e. colonization and occupation in addition to killing innocent old civilians, children and women, demolishing houses and holy places, stealing and destroying lands as in Palestine, Iraq and ales where.

Good Muslims, however, should not act savagely otherwise we are no different. We will be as evil as our “civilized oppressors”.

Our “great leaders'' should carry there responsibilities and face these facts. They should listen to people and deliver their message strongly to western world otherwise unjustified individual evil crimes will continue everywhere.

The naked fact is that there are no civilized crimes and uncivilized crimes. Crime Is a Crime under any mask.

So Mr. Bush, Mr. Blair and others please do not insult your own intelligence.

In conclusion, leaders of both Muslims and others should, in my opinion, jointly rectify their current shameful conduct and exert to understand each others clearly once and for all as such: –

– Occupation is an absolute crime.

– Tomahawks & Air raids on civilian cities, under any excuse, is a crime.

– Killing innocent people under any circumstances is a crime.

– Suicide booming on civilians is a crime.

– Discriminations, racism, wall segregation and apartheid are all crimes must be ended or war against terrorism will be a waist of more human lives, economy and time and no peace will ever be a reality