Thai Researcher Successfully Develops Security Robot [Archives:2000/35/Reportage]

August 28 2000

BANGKOKA Thai researcher has successfully invented and developed a security robot which can be controlled through the internet from all parts of the world, the Thai News Agency (TNA) reported on Monday.
Supported by the Office of Research Support Fund, Pitikhet Sooraksa, a researcher of the King Mongkuts Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (KMITL), had successfully developed a security robot from cheapest but most quality materials.
The only 1,750 U.S. dollars security robot is controlled through the internet, and can be used to guard against significant areas with attached warning and attacking systems of targeted 99 percent effectiveness within the radius of three meters.
The robot consists of a telescope that can focus on a target and send the picture to a computer monitor linked to the internet. Owners of the robot can set the robot to either target a suspected object, express a warning, and attack automatically, or manually.
Owners of the robot could monitor its performances from a point in all parts of the world that could be connected to the internet, however, the newly-developed security robot was not suitable to be used for a personal purpose, but for a societal purpose, namely to guard against a site of destructive weapons, or a national heritage. This is because if a person with an il-intention owns or controls the robot, he/she can pose serious threats to the society, and this is why the successful development of the robot over the past six months has just been revealed following a careful consideration. (Xinhua)