Thank you Aden governor [Archives:2004/799/Letters to the Editor]

December 16 2004

Mustafa Naji
[email protected]

I have read in several newspaper articles about the achievement of the Aden Governor. I have visited recently Aden and I felt the changes that have occurred since Mr. Alshoaiby took over. However, I feel there is a lot that still needs to be done.
The government and governorate of Aden are searching for big investors, however, I would like to bring the attention of those responsible, have you ever thought about which group of small investors can make a big project a reality?
I would suggest that the new governorate hire professional consultants who prepare such projects targeting Yemeni expatriates as shareholders. I am sure that the response would be overwhelming.
I also suggest that the new governorate establish a web site for Aden, and electronic mail for his Excellency, so he communicate directly with the people who love him much, so that we may say “Well done and Thank you governor.