Thank you for a quality article [Archives:2007/1047/Letters to the Editor]

May 3 2007

By: Al-Gumaee Shafika
Email: [email protected]

Dr Saadaldeen Talib, thank you for writing about the social and political history of Hadramaut. Thank you for writing to the young Yemenis and to the world to know our nation better. Those who immigrated has influenced the world. Those in Asia revitalize their culture wherever they go.

In general, Yemen depended mostly on its people and its migrants to support economical developments and that they often come back home. They do not forget to contact and remember their land and their families.

I love Hadramaut songs, accent, and I love their honesty. I wish that we have some good contacts in all their adapted countries: Such as Asia-Indonesia, India, and Europe in order to encourage them to promote the Arab-Yemeni culture there. They also need the government's help in that regard, and we should keep pushing to make it a reality.