Thanks Al-Haifi [Archives:2004/783/Letters to the Editor]

October 21 2004

Khadijah G.
[email protected]

I would like to thank you for the excellent article by Hassan Al-Haifi on Israeli spying being an 'acceptable' hobby. The blindness of the radical groups you mentioned is so extreme! It is also disheartening. I try to keep away despair and trust only in Allah.
My mother instincts want to wrap my arms around all of Palestine and protect her from those monsters. But I am just a human being. I am powerless.
I pray that those radicals in my nation wake up to the reality that man cannot serve two masters. Cannot serve the duplicitous Sharon and justify every atrocity imaginable yet claim to be a pious follower of Prophet Jesus (Pbuh). I tell these Christians the truth about Zionism, about US administrations, which are really enslaved by Israel… I pray some will open their eyes.
The real world of terrorists is that of Sharon and whoever supports him, who will inevitably fail. Evil relies only on weakness. But they know it not. There is no prosperity on that path, in this world or the next.
We can do many worthwhile things in this life… but without one crucial thing, all these would become meaningless. I am grateful to be guided to revert to Islam. In spite of being surrounded only by non-Muslims and those that prefer the paltry sum of this world to the blessings of the Gardens. Nothing on earth is so attractive as Islam. And I pray soon I find myself surrounded by those who submit. I am the only Muslim in my family and the only Muslim here. I yearn only to be near Mosque & fellow Muslims. That is where I belong.