That is the problem of the Muslim Umma [Archives:2004/755/Letters to the Editor]

July 15 2004

Amar Hussain Alaqawari
I have a response to one of your readers, Munir Almaweri, who defended alian ideas to the Muslim world. I want to ask him, “I wonder if you are a Muslim or not.” How could you say we need to separate the two? Wallah, I have to say that 'Sawa' Radio and TV network and all the other Western propaganda did its job with you in alienating you from Islam.
Islam is a state that is why it is could an Ideology. It is best on a foundation that will help the world and a foundation that was created by the Creater himself. The only reason the other Ideologies didn't work for them is that they were man made.
The only reason that the Muslim Umma is in the state is because we left Islam not because Islam left use. One way we dropped Islam is people like you that were brain wasted by the West to think that their system is right. I have lived in the US my whole life and I can see it is not a good system.
Please, don't spread this nonsense of separation to the rest of the Muslim Umma. Its enough we are losing you. Please look in to the System and see what it is all about before you tell the Muslims to jump into the fire. It is your duty as a Muslim to try to reestablish an Islamic State not make it go away for good. Insha allah, you get the point that you need to understand Islam and Capitalism and the harm of Capitalism and the benefit of Islam as a State. It is going to be a very sad day when I hear that.