The 11th Scientific Seminar of  Taiz ENT Specialists Held [Archives:1999/31/Local News]

August 2 1999

The 11th Scientific Seminar of Taiz, ear, nose, and throat specialists was held on Monday, 26 July 99. Dr. Hasan Al-Udaini stated that the meeting was successful and many topics were discussed by many lecturers like Dr. Yasin Abdul-Warith, Dr. Reda Fathi, Dr. Abdul- Malik A. Wahid and Dr. Hasan Al-Udaini Himself.
The Chairman of the seminar was Dr. M. Abdo-Rabo and the seminar moderator was Dr. M. Al-Oodi.
Dr. Udaini thanked the attendants and Gulf Pharmaceutical Industries for sponsoring the seminar.