The Babutain Establishment gives Al-Saeed publications as present [Archives:2004/758/Community]

July 26 2004

In a statement to the Yemen Times, Mr. Faisal Saeed Fare', Director of the Taiz-based Al-Saeed Culture and Science Establishment, said the Babutain Award Establishment has presented Al-Saeed Establishment with most of its publications including the creative work “The Babutain Encyclopedia o f Contemporary Arab Poets,” and “Twentieth Century Arabic Poetry Anthologies” which is published in .five volumes, comprising poems of 1050 poets from different parts of the Arab world.
“Al-Saeed Establishment had the initiative of presenting its publications to the Babutain,” added Mr. Fare', pointing out the appreciable response on the part of Mr. Abdul-Aziz, Al-Babutain, head of the Al-Babutain Award Trustees Board.
He also highly commended the role of the Kuwaiti renowned writer Laila Al-Othman in bringing together the two cultural establishments in the brotherly countries of Kuwait and Yemen.