The Blessed Intifada [Archives:2001/35/Law & Diplomacy]

August 27 2001

Adulaziz Sultan Al-Mansub
The Israeli government has adopted a new policy in dealing with the Palestinian uprising, represented by the bombardment of the Palestinian sites on the pretext that the Palestinian securities forces have failed to carry out their duties in protecting the Israeli people occupying several areas within the Palestinian self-rule territories in the West Bank and Gaza strip.
The current escalation is just a new form of the Israel oppression aimed at the Palestinian people and their Intifada after the failure of the Zionist entity to contain the on-going uprising in the occupied territories. It sounds that the Israelis are no longer able to curb the Intifada with light weapons so they have turned to heavy ones, including tanks, heavy artilleries and gunships. Although it is difficult to compare between the arms used by the two parties involved in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and one may probably say that the battle will be undoubtedly be in favor of the heavily armed Israelis, but again the stone-throwers have proved to be able to terrorize the heavily-armed Israeli occupiers who have been panic-stricken after the heavy resistance they faced from the Palestinian people.
Yes, dear folks the Israelis have been benefiting from different factors in their war against Arabs such as the strong economy they have and the boundless sophisticated high-tech and support they gain from the US have overweighed the balance in favor of the Zionist. Furthermore, the Jewish communities and lobbies in different parts of the world, including some of the world super powers have succeeded to mobilize support to the Zionist in the Occupied Lands.
The Intifada has convinced the world that the Palestinians’ faith will not be like that of the Red Indians. Palestinians are capable of resistance and changing the balances into their favor.
The emergence of the operations of the Suicide-groups and their success in South Lebanon which led the Israelis to withdraw despite the sophisticated weaponry they possess. These operations have started to have a magic-like effect amid the Israeli people who loves to live as much as the Palestinians love to die for their cause.
The increase of Israeli violence has turned to a great motivation for the Palestinians to sacrifice more rendering the Israelis’ life to a restless battle. The spread of education among the Palestinians and their ability to develop themselves economically help enable to face the enemy with advanced weaponry.
Furthermore, the Arabs have realized that the American stand in favor of Israel necessitates an Arab stand against all American interests. The development of this concept will push the Americans to think twice of their decisions.