The commonest sense [Archives:2004/779/Letters to the Editor]

October 7 2004

Tom Dennis
If there is a person who goes everywhere and fights and argues with other people, and tries to convince others that he has sound excuses for his fights, we call such a person a troublemaker: This is “common sense.”
Some people say (in Yemen) that Sept 11th bombing was done by Jews to frame Arabs, some say it was even done by the Japanese to settle an old debt!! So, I am not surprised to read as suggested in a 'common-sense' column that the Russians took the hostage crisis at school as an opportunity to create animosity among the local people.
It is a known fact, rather I'd call it “common sense”, that every criminal on earth has genuine (from the criminals' point of view) excuses for the crimes they have committed. But, the fact is that the rest of the world is not willing to pay the price for their excuses.
Moslem rebels have all the right (a legitimate right) to fight for their rights fight for their religion and for a piece of land on any part of this earth. It is the right of 35% of Sunnis to Control 65% of Shias in Iraq. And people in Kashmir go through many miseries and the rest of the India is doing extremely well. If Kashmir becomes independent they would have prosperity. And it is a legitimate right of Taliban to destroy Bamian Buddhist statues in Afghanistan, but they also have a legitimate right to erect mosques in other non-Moslem countries and violate the sound pollution laws. Now its the legitimate right of the Moslems in France to fight against the ban of wearing scarves in the schools. Who are the troublemakers?
It is a shame that we see no article in Yemen Times, on Monday the 6th, about the attack at the Russian school, nor any condemnation, instead we see a vindication for the acts of those terrorists.