The culture of blaming others [Archives:2004/761/Letters to the Editor]

August 5 2004

Shah Jam
[email protected]

Why do we always blame someone else for our problems? If it's not the Western regimes or the Masonry, it's the fault of our Arab regimes. .. How about, trying “it's the fault of the majority of the Arab people”? Arab leaders are Arab citizens of the countries they come from. They are ordinary Arabs who simply became powerful. Do you think that if you dispose of the current regimes and put others in place, they will be better? The bottom line is, most of them are all the same. The attitudes and mentality that is exhibited by our leaders are the same as shown by the majority of Arabs. .. For God's sake, the same mentality and negative attitude is even prevalent in the so-called “Western Educated” Arabs!
Unless each and every one of us millions of Arabs change, there will be no change in the state of affairs. Refer to Western history, and you will find that it was “people” who changed first – with the changed people came new changed governments.