The emancipation of Vincent [Archives:2006/935/Letters to the Editor]

April 6 2006

Zubair Akbar
[email protected]

The brooding sunlight encompassing the peninsula of the proclaimed Islamic republic holds a different truth. Here, every dawning day isn't exactly a new day with the mesmerizing sunlight dissecting through your bones. Rather, it is a redundant and clumsy projection of stagnation. Who are we and where do we go from here? It is not long before someone personifying the impersonation of radicalism spurts out and ticks us off. Welcome to my world, where “nothing is what it seems” and “what you see is what you get” are the last things on your uncharted brain.

Life seemingly holds a different perspective from the trigonometry whose rules are bonded on a rather ridiculed and abrupt manner than on guidelines of the holy prophet. Have you ever thought what is this and why we, the subjects, are pertained to so much peculiarity? Maybe you do. That's why this whole undergrad exchange thing popped up. Whatever seems to be the pretext, what lies ahead is for us and it's a blessing!

These ideologies, or should I say “myths,” are blown up magnanimous evils rotting in our country. We the people are living in the shackles of their self-proclaimed prophecy of raising up the upright and bringing down the evil. It seems their horizons are to be altered every time there is a nod. Who are they?

Who am I and what do I do? Am I some sort of war junkie trying to bring the government down because it didn't let us have our pinnacle? I am just another of its victims who got lost in the translation.

Truth in God's message is eternal. It's all I have to cling to. Sometimes it's vivid and sometimes it's a distant second, but it is eternal. Life seems partial and un-flashy when you have directions to heaven.

Why exactly am I doing this? It's not your next door kid thing. It's time we emancipate and do what we're supposed to do. Walking down the airport stairway en route to the U.S. won't be a walk to stardom. Rather, it is a walk in the hall of fame, where every brooding step of ours will be sunshine in the shadows of lingering death.