The Evergreen Province [Archives:2008/1167/Community]

June 26 2008

By: Mofeed Al-Jaad
[email protected]

Whenever we talk about the Evergreen Province, the beautiful city of Ibb immediately comes to mind. The ancient city of Ibb considered one of Yemen's historical cities renowned for its beauty and history.

What makes the city evergreen from continuous rainfall is its climate and fertile mountain soil. What's surprising about this area is that one may be unable to distinguish between the seasons due to the frequent rains that fall heavily. Thus, this is the source of nourishment for the fertile soil that keeps the area green. For this reason, it always looks green due to its various plant life, so this is why most writers call Ibb “the Evergreen City.”

Moreover, because the area's climate is moderate, it attracts large numbers of people to settle in it, as well as being regarded as a source of inspiration for numerous tourists. Added to this beauty is the fact that the area is surrounded by high mountains, which are green too.

For example, Ba'adan Mountain overlooks the city and serves as an eastern border for the governorate. At the top of this mountain, one can enjoy the view and the attractive landscape, while enjoying the purity of the fresh air. Tourists often visit this mountain, never feeling that they've wasted their time, but instead, devouring the scenery with their eyes as the sense of enjoyment spreads across their faces.

Indeed, the Evergreen City of Ibb is one of Yemen's most beautiful cities!