The future rests within each of us [Archives:2003/648/Letters to the Editor]

July 7 2003

Rashad Ahmed Hauter
[email protected]

A common goal of humanity that has been reverberating throughout history is achieving peace. This peace isn't necessarily political peace, but it is also inner peace. For one must understand oneself before even attempting to establish peace with another human being. It is up to us, the youth of today, to lead our world on a path towards establishing a political, economical, and societal utopia. During our quests in life, we must always pursue knowledge and information, for it is our knowledge that shapes us. Through the examinations of the experiences of others in history and literature, we can internalize and utilize precious information. Through the exploration of this knowledge, we also explore ourselves. We begin to understand new concepts, applying these concepts and experiences to our lives. We not only gain knowledge, but we also acquire mass illumination.
Fear and ignorance are the greatest threats to our individual and collective futures. As the leaders of tomorrow and today, we must commit ourselves to remaining open minded, receptive, and thoughtful. In order to prevent our future from being consumed by the blinding disease of ignorance, we, as the leaders of the future, must keep our minds open to the different philosophies, ideas, beliefs and customs of our society and the world. The ultimate method to conquering any concept consists of examining it, analyzing it, understanding it, and, ultimately, internalizing it. It is the implementation of our open-minded knowledge that will have a positive effect on our world. Great thoughts may inspire, but action is what creates not only momentary but also lasting change. Ours is a society to lead and love; ours is a world to shape and nurture.