The gloomy Ramadan [Archives:2007/1088/Letters to the Editor]

September 24 2007

Abdul Kareem Al-Aawage
[email protected]

All Muslims in Arabic and Islamic countries receive Ramadan with happiness and merry .Laughs and joyfulness fill up the mouths and faces for this hospitable month.

They prepare the different foods, meals and sweets .However, in Yemen, we receive it with moaning ,agonies and saddens. People her got like crazy and dull persons . It is difficult nowadays to differentiate between the normal individuals and the mad ones.

This is because they walk talking themselves and humming as crazy persons .

They wonder in the streets with misery faces as blind people .Sometimes , may one rides a bus to Al -Zubairy .st , but he finds himself at Al- Hassaba station .

It is this the Holy Ramadan and it is this the way our great government celebrates on the occasion of its coming. It prepared this wonderful carnival f price hikes to express its warm feelings for this loyal society It turned it actually into gloomy month.

It stole the smiles from the fathers' faces and the innocent laughs from the children's'. lips .All dark and gloomy feelings reflect on all . Look at the faces around you to find the size of disaster. You now hear everywhere the scandal of price hikes .

Believe or not that my kids said :'Do not worry Dad , it is enough for us on the occasion of Aid to buy us shirts and trousers , this year , as we know the price hikes.'

Oh God ! What kind of heats those in responsible chests to exploit this humble society with this greedy and cruel way .Beside , what kind of future wait us and our sons !Nevertheless, it is not their faults merely . We shared in their tyranny continuation as we vote them though the Great Prophet Mohammad says: The true faithful Muslim can not be stung from one hole twice.