The injudiciousness of an Indian Insurance co. [Archives:2004/796/Letters to the Editor]

December 6 2004

By: Mahmoud D. Sufian
G. Manager of M. Import co.

The aim of insuring a company is to get payment for damaged consignment after through investment.
This being the motif ” Mahmoud import co.” Based in Yemen committed itself customer with the Oriental Insurance co. based in New Delhi. Regretfully on the 18th of Nov. 98 damaged occurred on our bags of rice consignment. In accordance to the regulation all relevant investigations were made and the investigation official declared we are entitled for payment. Though we presented all the necessary documents to the Oriental Insurance co. and claimed accordingly, the insurance co. became defiant to accomplish the payment. We corresponded untiringly since then obtain our legal payment, but to no avail. Now we are obligated to disclose the trickery treatment of clients by the afore mentioned insurance co. is the aim of establishing an insurance co. to collect membership money and turn a deaf ear when it comes to payment?
We now strongly demand that the India Embassy in Sana'a to interfere and bring us a solution for the long awaited claim.