The intellectual terror for deaf and dumb [Archives:2004/745/Local News]

June 10 2004

Al-Tomouh (Ambition) Association for the Care and Integration the Deaf and Dumb, complained of what it described as “Intellectual Terror” being practiced against students at “Senah” educational compound and Al-Nahdha “Osaiferah” school for the deaf and dumb.
According to the complaint, Mr. Ahmed Al-Wajeeh, Director of the Education Office, and Mr. Aiban Al-Maktary randomly merged the two schools without taking into consideration to the educational levels of the students, leading to occurrences of problems that were totally dismissed and ignored. Several protesting students were physically attacked and beaten by security and dragged to the Security Department.
The Association complained of the apathy and ignorance of the Education Office in Taiz, which failed to react to this important issue despite being fully informed of the situation.