The judgment of history [Archives:2006/990/Opinion]

October 16 2006

Mohammed Abduljalil
What all humanity is experiencing at the present, of good and evil and recession in human values and ethics, contradiction of words and deeds, divergence in levels of life of peoples and states and the destructive impact of on life of humans due to conflicts and wars through which some try to dominate others and practice despotism on those who were born free, all that necessitate the trying of history. That needs to level charges against all those who spread the negative phenomena in our present life and to do injustice to those who have continuously countered those negatives.

No priority here of what is material or ideal of the causes of the people awareness and level of their comprehension of their rights and interests. This is a decisive provision in their economic, social, cultural and political liberation in the course of their self-realization in life and in their pursuit to have a meaning of their life. Man, in his nature, is a social creature and cannot work in a separate situation from others and away from the social and natural environment in which he is living. The environment influences him and in turn he influences it in the frame of his local and world entity.

All civilizations in our world were built on skulls and sweat of the downtrodden and sufferers on Earth, a minority in possession of everything and a majority that possesses nothing. This in itself is behind all the revolutions our world has been witnessing. It seems that continuation of the situations as they are will lead inevitably to a revolution or new revolutions to restore the right to its owners and establish the balance of justice in this world of ours. A revolution that will put an end to the conflicts and wars that are founded on the tendency of exclusive possession and usurpation of others' rights. This will be achieved however long it may take. That is the message of successive generations of the human in the course of their incessant struggle for the establishment of the pillars of justice and equality among the human with their various ideologies, nationalities, languages and regions. This is alone is now the justification of the unity and conflict and there is no meaning of any other conflict. All that we need is to deal with understanding with the objective laws of evolvement. We have to understand the honorable connection between the cause and the results in our standing situations. We have to know the boundaries of the people between freedom and the necessity.

The quantitative accumulation will necessarily lead to a quantitative change achieving humaneness. Changing the world for peace on earth needs the rich states to stop their greediness and selfishness and to recognize the right of all humanity to live their life in the way they desire all be equal in rights and duties and that all to have common public interests. Such interests are meeting the needs of all without any exception or discrimination. This is the judgment of history to be implemented from now on.

Mohammed Abduljalil is a Yemeni writer.

Source: 14 October newspaper