The Last Moment [Archives:2007/1101/Community]

November 8 2007

By: Ahlam Al-Awkabi
The days pass away in no time;

So too goes the year.

The days go by and I don't know,

Will I see you again?

Not enough time.

Everything differs and changes in us

When time passes and finishes

Except you. You, my true brothers,

You are still in my mind as you were.

The last year is this one.

What can we call it?

The black year or maybe fate.

It hides heartening news.

The last year is this one.

Forget the pretty kettle of fish,

Hate to be selfish,

And then all of your problems will end.

You don't have more time,

Only one year and then

You'll leave without them.

We'll stay here alone

With your old things.

The road is the same

And the place is the same,

But the people will go

And you'll be one of them.

They went and left behind

Many beautiful memories

Sculpted on

The walls of this place

And you were one of them.

Your fantasy still passes

Before my eyes.

You frolic with your friends,

Who are very nice.

You're still here as you were.

Your soul dwells here with us,

Your voice still fills this place,

You're still here and there.

You can't cause an end to our love

Because you are human, as we are,

And you have a heart, as we have.

You and we must fight our enemy,

Who wants to kill our love

without mercy.

We will fight and fight strongly

Because you said,

“We should be strong.”

Therefore, you and we should be strong

And be hand-in-glove with your friends evermore

Ahlam Ahmed Mussa'ad Al-Awkabi was born in Kuwait on Feb. 12, 1983. She received a Bachelor's in English from Sana'a University's Faculty of Education in 2006 and was involved in drawing, writing poetry and speech. She died Jan. 19 of this year in Sana'a, may God have mercy and blessings upon her.