The Middle East in an American family’s view [Archives:2008/1135/Community]

March 6 2008

By: Abdullah Bin Abri Al-Nahdi
[email protected]

United States, New York City. Jake and his wife Kate have two sons, John and the eldest, Mike, who joined the U.S. Army. They are an American family.

“Dad, Dad, hurry up!” 14-year-old John shouted.

“What's the matter, son?” the father responded.

“Watch the news. They're showing some soldiers killed in an attack in the Middle East. They may show Mike,” John said.

“Don't be pessimistic, son. He'll be all right,” the father responded.

“Dad, why did he go there when he may not come back, right?”

“Don't say that,” the father said.

“We may receive only his body, like other families,” John said.

“Listen, John, your brother will return one day as one of the heroes who are fighting for freedom,” the father said.

“Freedom!? How is that, Dad? As I know it, freedom is keeping your country free, not going to fight other countries,” John said.

“Stop it, John! Go open the door. Someone's knocking and it could be your mother,” his father shouted.

“Hi, John,” his mother said, greeting him.

“Hi, Mom,” John replied.

“I heard some good news today. I read a newspaper saying the U.S. Army will return soon!” she said.

“They're liars because we hear that every day. Liars! Liars!” John screamed.

“Please, Mom, tell me the truth. What are they doing there in Iraq, Afghanistan and the other countries?” John asked her.

“Listen, baby, you have to know that most American families that have sent their sons there aren't satisfied with it, or even most of the country, but

“But what, Mom? Just say it!”

“It's their orders, my son. They just do what they have to. Those who make the decision and give orders have a reason for it, which is fighting terrorism. For us as solders' families, that reason still isn't enough for us,” his mother said.

“Terrorism!? So, what is it if a huge army attacks our country in order to scare and kill us? I think terrorism is the only word that could explain that!” John retorted.

“I think I have it now, Mom. Our government is afraid of terrorism. They think it comes from the Middle East, so they want to kill it in its cradle before it reaches us.”

“Hey, son, don't try to analyze things with your small mind,” his mother said.

“Believe me, Mom, but according to my small mind, I think what they're doing there is just creating something called terrorism that didn't exist before,” John said.

“Come on, baby, forget about that. Just think about your future,” his mother urged.

“The future!? I can see my future, Mom. If no one stops this, our future will be too bad. Maybe our country is strong now, so we fight, colonize and kill for no reason. Mommy, no one knows that people may regain their energy some day and then reprisal will be their first goal. Our army and those who are making these wrong decisions now won't be here, so I and the subsequent generations will pay the cost for that,” John said.

“Oh my god! Is this really you, John? I wasn't aware that I had a political son, but your words are really affecting us. Do you see your mother's tears?” his father asked.

“Yeah, Dad, that's what I think will happen,” John replied.

Ring!! Ring!!

“Hello?” his mother answered the phone.

“Hello, is this Jake's house?” the caller asked.

“Yes, this is his wife,” she responded.

“I'm sorry to tell you that your hero son, Mike, was killed in an attack.”