The OROMO refugees living in Sana’a [Archives:2007/1044/Letters to the Editor]

April 23 2007

The ORMO refugees in Sana'a
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We are the Oromo ethnic group refugees of asylum seekers. At the moment we are registered under U.N.C.R for the refugee protection Status in Sana'a. We were departed from our home country because of the political conflicts there, but we haven't got any response or solution for our problems from the UNCR office in Sana'a.

We are the Oromo refugees threatened by the Ethiopian government prosecution .The following suggestions are the main points of our problems occurred to Oromo refugees in Yemen.

1- The UNCR interpreters don't know our status in Sana'a.

2- The UNCR staff members or employees changed the files of the Oromo refugees without our knowledge. So, there is a sort of discrimination.

3- The one who has got under the mandate doesn't get the security and safety life under protection, all refugees are kicked and not respected in contradiction to what stated in stated in the protocol convention, 1951.

4- When the appointment held they extended it for a period of 6 months plus they postponed it for 3 times as a matter of hesitation. However, we were waiting till the appointment came and finally they gave us a rejection.

5- If one of our refugees is arrested, no-one would follow his/her case to set him/her free. Also, there are neither health centers nor schools for refugees.

There is some news that the Ethiopian government& Yemeni government are negotiating to co -operate the departure of those refugees from Yemen to Ethiopia. How come at this time? It is dangerous for us to be departed to a country we had escaped from.

There are many serious problems face us. One of them is that the Yemeni soldiers interrogate us every where they meet us especially at night. Also, they take us to the prison and rob what we have.

At large, we haven't any right in this country. If we want to explain it to UNCR deputy representative we couldn't find him/her. Still, we haven't got the solution to our problems so we are kindly request you that our serious problems to be investigated by the concerned as soon as possible.

Thank you for your co-operation