The Other HalfWhy man?! Why woman?! [Archives:2008/1209/Community]

November 20 2008

By: Ahmed M. Ba-matrf
Frequently we hear such words at arabian or foreign media, and how often it creats roar and argument among people satisfied with and people furious against. If the woman comes of man's shoulder; therefore, he & she must make one soul. Man's & woman's need for eachother is instinct and not only sexual. Their relationship & need are a joint liablity & completion. Woman needs who shares her happiness and sadness while man also needs who shares his succcess and failure. Both can not live without eachother.

These biased logos & ideas towards oneside; man or woman, will certainly expand the gap and exceed the difference between them. These ideas lead to discrimination between male & female gender which will keep them apart of eachother.

However woman & man always need who finds solution for their life problems and approach their views, they need who seals the gap between them, and nor who creats & expand this gap. Man & woman must be awared of eachother's right and duty. They have to understand the importance of their union for life continuity on this planet. Life will not proceed unless they live beside eachother.

Eventually, man and woman, both, must admitt & state their need for the other, and they must know that they are the other half of eachother.