The painful has now become fatal [Archives:2005/859/Letters to the Editor]

July 14 2005

Mohamed K. Aklan
[email protected]

The ordinary Yemeni people have for many years suffered from the consequences of the ineffective economic reforms orchestrated by the World Bank and poorly implemented by the government. We have been subjected to many “Jura'a” which left us all in excruciating pain thus reducing the quality of life to unthinkable limits. Many families are no longer able to feed their members, have pulled their children out of schools, sold their belongings, and even turned to soliciting. All reforms seem to result in more sufferings because they tend to make the few rich richer and the mass poor poorer. While this chasing game continues, ordinary citizens are wordlessly providing great scarifies for the sake of Yemen. But will there be light at the end of the tunnel? I hope so. Unless extreme measures are taken first to eliminate corruption and second to allow for greater participation of the Yemeni people in all aspects of the political, social and economic grounds, we will all be swallowed by this black hole of endless and ineffective economic reforms. More years in more pain could become fatal for Yemenis if this government does not listen to the voice of wisdom.