The painful love [Archives:2009/1221/Community]

January 1 2009

By: Mofeed Al-Gaad
[email protected]

Ali and Abeer were two cousins living among humble families in a small Yemeni village. Being neighbors, their homes were located close to each other, and during their childhood they pastured cows together every morning in a valley beside the village. With the passage of time they grew up, and both of them fell into the cruel trap of love. They were meeting each other constantly among the fascinating atmosphere and pure air of the lovely nature, playing and joking as two little birds on the green trees.

Ali and Abeer felt the true sense of platonic love, loving each other so dearly that they stayed up all night if they didn't see each other during the day. Later on, the pure love story of this poor couple spread among the villagers. As a result, Abeer's brothers imprisoned her at home and threatened to kill her if she met Ali or sent him a letter. The means of communication between Ali and Abeer were completely cut off and they were deprived from their meetings of pure love. Meanwhile, the financial status of Abeer's family suddenly improved as her brother emigrated to America and earned plenty of dollars. This meant that Ali's childhood sweetheart became a member of a high class family. Abeer's brothers proceeded to build a big house in the city, and Abeer left her village along with the rest of her family in order to reside there. In the meantime, Ali was studying hard with his close friend Zak in order to get high grades in secondary school so that they could make their dreams come true by enrolling in university. As Ali didn't expect the quick flight of his sweetheart from the village, he had no idea about the departure of Abeer's family. However, Zak had heard the news and wanted to know his friend's reaction toward the news of Abeer's removal from the village. Zak asked his friend, “Ali