The real beneficiary of the Iraq war [Archives:2005/816/Letters to the Editor]

February 14 2005

Chris Molling
[email protected]

I appreciate your depiction of US foreign policy as being directed and dictated by Israel's national interest. Who is the great beneficiary of the shedding of Iraqi and American blood? How many atrocities were and are being committed against the Palestinians while the US attacks and occupies Iraq? The US-Iraqi conflict hardens the average American to Israel's violence in Gaza because now the US empathizes with Israel concerning the Arab “terrorists”. The spread of racism in the US against Arabs and Muslims has been increased with the US purposeless presence in Iraq.

Now the US threatens force against Iran. Can the motive for the threat be to weaken the Iran-backed Hezbollah in Southern Lebanon? Who in the US really cares about the Hezbollah except US Zionists and Israelis? So the US adopts an Israeli world-view, again. One possible miscalculation, as Israel directs US foreign policy, is that both the US and Israel have no powerful friends in the world.

The US is not taken seriously beyond its weapons. The world is reconfiguring the balance of power such that the giant with clay feet-the US- is going to be left out. Israel is rotting from the inside. The average size of the Palestinian family compared to Israel's is changing the balance of power non-violently. Israel can continue to kill little Palestinian girls, but the Palestinians will multiply faster than the Israelis. The meek shall inherit the earth.