The snake’s skin game [Archives:2008/1213/Community]

December 4 2008

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

Comrades, watch out for the snake's skin game

Either black or white, the poison is same

Does the snake shed the drops of rain?

Comrades and commandos, once more again

Teach your foe the art of fight

At this moment in time

Not only to strike and hide

Let the sea's arms be in a severe wrath

To submerge their false pride

Into Euphrates and Tigris dark

In the darkness of the ancient century

The vengeful created a horrible bloodbath

It has a bad smell of an ugly boar

Disclosing the smoke of life's hoar

The full moon's dream became crushed

Instead of hugging the daylight

Converted into ash

Comrades, commandos be aware

Invaders as strangers

Have neither choice nor right

From whence they came to return

Or to go forward in time's flight

What a pity!

Their time's wheel got stuck

They could neither turn to the left

Nor to the right

At this moment in time

Invaders' wishes are in clash

Completely blind

Kaput by a negative touch

It is our holy land's curse

Behind the resistance of injustice

Our enemy's flash starting to stumble

His lassitude tinged with amazement

As their home falls in dark

No power to sparkle

Just black in black

Moving ahead for unknown goals

Kneeling at our land's feet

Unable to catch their triumph's flag

The weak can't change

The dead never wake

Strangers can't create peace or love

Where they live

Once the sea's arms release its deep sough

The invaders' tree becomes futile and buff

As strangers, they are living rough

Eating bitter jots of dust

Whatever they gain in luck

Strangers are always astray

Buried in the freedom blood

The color of freedom is only one

Hotter than the glare of sun

Comrades, commandos be assured

I see through my transparent core

Though their hidden arrows trying to gore

The smiles of my rosy yore

The strength of two rivers

Still shaping the rhymes of victory

Flying over my mother country

Sooner we will celebrate the sun's augury