The Socialist Continues Congress Meetings [Archives:2000/26/Local News]

June 26 2000

Yemen’s Socialist Party Wednesday concluded in Aden meetings of its congress by electing a new command and representatives to the General Congress scheduled next month. The Congress also elected representatives of the governorate in the new Central Committee and the branch monitoring committee.
The Congress had begun its meetings with a speech ceremony in which representatives of political parties took part. Member of the party politburo and supervisor of the Congress Jaralla Omar gave a speech described as fiery because it contained strong criticism of the government.
Sources at the Socialist party insisted that in addition to the Aden Congress, the conference of Taiz and Hadramaut governorates are given good attention due to their relative importance in this respect. It is to be recalled that the Party has finished all its branch congresses in the governorates.
On the other hand member of the party’s politburo, the 1st secretary of Hadramaut governorate party organization Hassan Ahmed Ba’oom has called on the party to quickly and publicly apologize to the people in the south for the suffering and pains it had caused as a result of the wrong policies during its former ruling period.