The true meaning of Eid [Archives:2004/792/Community]

November 22 2004

By Mohammed Saeed
For the Yemen Times
[email protected]

Every Muslim loves the day of Eid. It is a day of happiness and joy. Whether it is the atmosphere of the Eidgaah (open ground prayer), the Eid treats and delicacies, the family coming together or the beautiful clothes – Eid means something special to young and old.
For one moment let us stop and ponder what is the true meaning of Eid. When you and your children wear new clothes and shoes on Eid morning, think of the thousands of Muslim children who are not wearing shoes and clothes. When you are enjoying the tasty treats and delicacies of Eid, spare a thought for the millions of Muslims who will have dry bread crumbs.
While you are free and happy with your children and family, spare a thought for the thousands of Muslims languishing under unspeakable conditions in prisons or battlefront all over the world.
Spare a few quiet moments on this Eid Day to pray for our innocent brothers and sisters who are being tortured all over the world for no crime other than the fact that they are Muslims. I pray to Almighty to let sanity and peace prevail once again in this beautiful World of ours.