The truth about Israelis & Palestinians [Archives:2003/648/Letters to the Editor]

July 7 2003

Jamal Ali
[email protected]

Just my two cents worth on your last paragraph regarding Israel and Palestinian ….written by Jarrel Prichard “Editor: you may be rhetorical.”
Try to understand the other side's viewpoint (the Palestinians) with regard to blowing up Israeli civilians …. (by the way, its something I do not, and never will, condone, in any way).
For them, each and ever Israeli citizen (man, woman, child) who migrated over the last 100 years is a consenting “enemy combatant” (a term, ironically coined by the US!).
For every Israeli that migrated to Israel, a Palestinian family (the ones who've been there for centuries) was displaced and kicked out. In other words, just the mere act of accepting to migrate was a declaration of war on a Palestinians (we are talking about a very small piece of land … and there is only so much space for limited people .. its not north America where immigration has been open and encouraged for hundreds of years, to date) … Immigration to Israel has only been possible at the EXPENSE of the local Palestinians (be they Muslims, Christians or Jews) .,…. Therefore, for these militants every Israeli is a legitimate fighter who has intentionally declared war on them .. I know the idea is baseless if we consider children, but for most Arabs the argument makes perfect sense for Israeli Adults (civilian men and women) because they are not civilians but ILLEGAL COMBATANTS (again, a term US so freely uses for civilians held in Cuba).
Look it from another perspective, say you Jarrel Prichard, would you intentionally agree to migrate to Israel knowing that you are going to settle there at the blood expense of a Palestinian family? If you do, then you are not a civilian, but a legitimate unlawful combatant, a justifiable target for Palestinian militants.