The truth about the source of terrorism [Archives:2005/825/Letters to the Editor]

March 17 2005

Nabeel Albadany
Detroit, USA
[email protected]

I read the Common Sense column on the so called “war on terrorism”. But I want to say that we all know that there are countries (developed countries) that are behind most (if not all) of those terrorist acts all over the world. And also know that there are some naive youth who were brain-washed by people and countries that have interest in flourishing terrorist and terrorism.

However, we need to clarify one thing. Islamic movements and Islamic groups that work to spread the Islamic teaching and Islamic principles have nothing to do with terrorism and what is going on in the world. Those people who claim that they are part of Islamic groups and kill people left and right have nothing to do with Islam and Islamic movements around the world. We all know that Allah would prefer destroying the Holy Kaaba stone, instead of killing one human being with no reason, no matter what religion this human being follows..

So let's all work together to uncover the facts and search for who is behind all the mess in our region? Who has the interest to weaken our Islamic nation from East to West? Who is responsible of creating all those boarders between Arab countries? These are the questions that we should ask, and try to really find an answer for..

Do not tell me “let's fight Terrorism”, and do not tell me “if you are not with me, you are against me”…