The upper hand of military [Archives:2006/909/Letters to the Editor]

January 5 2006

Nabeel Albadany
[email protected]

I read your article “From military rule to a civilized nation”.. I really thank you for such an article, and I hope that those people who are in charge of our country read it, comperhend it and work upon it. While I was reading the article, I felt that you are saying what I always used to say when I was back in Yemen, and I am still saying it here in America when ever I get a chance. The reality is that we live in a society where the military has the upper hand and we are ruled by force through them. beside, of course, the tribal part of that military body. I had a lot of bad experience with the military and the tribal people whom we can see on daily bases on the streets with all their weapons as if we are in state of war. I am a pharmacist, I have a pharmacy in Taiz. I established it in 09/2000. After a week of opening my pharmacy, I noticed people coming to me from different governmental offices asking for legal papers and tax documents. One day, they sent a military person with a machine gun, coming to me and asking for tax papers or otherwise he would take me with him! I was so mad, why would they send someone with a machine gun to a pharmacist who started a business legally. That is just unacceptable.

I'll end my letter with ALLAH's word “Allah will not change people's situation unless they change with in themselves”

Dear Nabil

I can't agree with you more. In fact it seems this is one of the issues that has been ignored for long yet is so critical to talk about. I sure hope that things would change somehow. Let's hope for the best.