The Vatican’s recent list of new sins [Archives:2008/1143/Community]

April 3 2008

By: Paul Kokoski
[email protected]

I commend the Vatican for restating some of the social sins of modernity. These sins aren't exclusive to individuals, but rather pertain to entire nations and governments that heap up excessive wealth, create a widening of the gap between rich and poor and contribute to polluting the environment.

More and more we're living in a society that rejects immutable principles; however, reason dictates that there must be objective standards for discerning the common good. Otherwise, democratic governments could authorize anything that any group in society asks for, as long as the group phrases its request in the language of “rights.” Ultimately, you end up with anarchy.

We've already seen the nihilistic yet impeccably democratic result of such contemporary legislation involving life itself. I'm thinking here of legislation that legalizes homosexuality, same-sex marriage, abortion, euthanasia and genetic manipulation.

In general, no one denies universal moral principles such as those pertaining to life, liberty and property. However, in actuality, these positions constantly are violated and eroded by exceptions negating those principles. Such destructive exceptions that consume human dignity are always justified as a good end or purpose, justifying what can't be justified.

Humanity must rediscover the sense of sin because it is a reality he can't escape.