The Yemeni community denounces terror in Amman [Archives:2005/899/Reportage]

December 1 2005


The carnages of the terrorist blasts which hit tourist hotels in Amman on the 9th of this month, aroused an over whelming revulsion to terrorist deeds.

This mobilised the public Arabic and Islamic attitude against the terrorism and terrorists.

The Yemeni denounced this action which distort the image of Islam.

Al-Jamhoria newspaper had interviewed the Yemeni opinion on this issue and filed the following:

Devilish style of Jihad

Fazie Abdo Mahioob- a fruit seller said, 'these blasts whether they are made by Zarqawi or any other group have noting to do with religion or humanity. Even the devil may not do what they did. It is high time for our nation to combat it by developing awareness against this phenomenon which has no country, religion or identity. The distasteful pictures that we saw, shows that they do not care whether they target women, children or any other innocent victims.

Zarqawi terrorism

We met Hosnia Al-Mikhlafi, a mother. She said, 'How do these people think that they are Muslims while they terrorized innocent people. They killed infants on the laps of their mothers. If Bin Laden and Zarqawi think that this is jihad, they should be resisted till we get rid of their evil deeds. If they are caught, they should be stoned as people do to the devil in the pilgrimage.

Facing terrorism

Mohamed Abdulla Saeed, an employee, said, 'Our hearts go out to the families of the victims of terrorist bombings and we offer our condolences to the victim's families. We denounce this distasteful action and vow to do what ever is necessary to fight terrorism because it is against humanity, civilization and religion. Al-Zarqawi and Bin ladin who often claim responsibility after each operation, are only subvert, killers and criminals. They should be punished as followers of the devil.

It is a disaster

Abdulbari Suliman Al-Hidndi, Medical assistant, said that 'What happened in Amman was a humanitarian calamity committed by a terrorist group that have nothing to do with Islam', he continued, 'Islam is a religion of justice, equity and leniency.' 'We hope that the Jordanian people will go through their plight. It is now time to tell terrorist Zarqawi and his blood thirsty cliques that, they have nothing to do with Islam and have gone too far into Satanic rather than Islamic behavior. This sort of behavior brings in more consolidation with the international community to fight terror. We send a message to Zarqawi saying that if you want a jihad you should do that by spreading peace love and tolerance and not through hatred and killing. I would like to remind Zarqawi that lighting a candle is better than cursing darkness.'

Disgraceful and cowered

Mohamed Abdo Farie, Mayor of the Ashrafia area, said 'we are sad at what happened in Amman. It is a cowered work of terrorism, and it is not at all Islamic. It could be a work of people who want Islam to appear as a terrorist religion. The true Islam calls for love and not terror and treachery.'

Yemenis' feelings are with Jordanians

Lawyer Ali Saeed Alsideeq, spoke about the solidarity spirit that the Yemenis showed with their brothers in Amman. They stand by their side to enable them to overcome their grief. Lawyer Sideeq added, 'As Yemeni lawyers, we denounce this action and our hearts go to the Jordanians. This action is not justified under what ever name it comes. We denounce this action and send our condolences to the victim's families.'