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January 7 2008

Oman Oil Marketing Company partners with Ba-Zarah

Oman Oil Marketing Company launched on Thursday selling its oil products in Yemen in partnership with Nasir Company for Trade, one of Ba-Zarah companies.

In a ceremony of the launching, Deputy Minister of Trade Iqbal Bahadir highlighted trade cooperation and partnership between the Omani and Yemeni companies.

He said that the Yemeni market is large and has capabilities to receive such products, saying that success is based on quality of the product and capability of competition.

For his part, the Omani ambassador Abdullah al-Badi considered this cooperation as a result of the good political and commercial ties between Yemen and Oman, calling the two companies to go ahead with further trade partnership.

Executive director of the Omani company Omar Qatan expressed honor of the company to have partnership with this Yemeni company to distribute its products.

He said that the launching of the company for its activities in Yemen was a new addition for the economic cooperation between the two countries.

Board Chairman of Nasir Company Aidaros Ba-Zarah said that the product of the Omani company will enable us to compete in Yemeni markets as it has good quality and meets modern international standards.

Human Rights Association endorses Palestinian Embassy's statement

Democratic Awareness Development and Human Rights Association endorsed the press release issued by the Palestinian embassy in Sana'a, calling on people to stand against the daily torture, taking place in Israeli prisons. It called on international human rights organizations to take action especially with respect to the latest report published by a human rights organization in Israeli exposing the violations and torture, taking place in Israeli prisons.

UN Human Rights Campaign

The internationally know group of world leaders “The Elders””