Things in the US need to change [Archives:2005/823/Letters to the Editor]

March 10 2005

Brent Hemingway
[email protected]

I sent a previous letter about the Zionist quest for bombs and just like to add one further comment.

I am a Canadian citizen born here and very westernized. I also live next door to the worlds largest terrorists country, the USA. Many Canadians protest what is going on in the Middle East and recognize the unbalanced foreign policy of the US in favour of support of Israel.

I knew that Bush was lying about the WMD in Iraq only to give his inner crowd a place at the trough, in other words a pay off to his buddies that got him elected. It is corrupt regime in the US and its actions reminds me of how Germany was run by the Nazis who propagandized their citizens. The US is an arrogant nation. The people are raised as such.