Thirty six years since HE, Shiekh, Sultan bin Zaed became the President of the UAE: UAE celebrates [Archives:2002/32/Reportage]

August 5 2002

By Yasser al-Mayassi
Yemen Times staff
The United Arab Emirate will be celebrating this week the 36th anniversary of His Highness Shiekh Zaed bin Sultans accession to presidency on August 6, 1966.
Shiekh Zaed bin Sultan was able to develop the UAE in all social, economic, cultural, political, and educational fields. At the educational level for example, the UAE advanced rapidly and has become among the highest nations in the world in terms of literacy rates. Education has been one of the major priorities that Sheikh Zaed has been giving importance, resulting in a generation with high educational standards. More than million and a half students study at more than 1,072 schools. In addition to this, more than 17,000 university students study at the UAE universities. Apart from that, thousands of higher studies UAE students have been sent overseas to pursue quality studies in the USA, UK, Ireland, and other countries.
Priority has been given to healthcare services as well. An increasing number of hospitals emerged as man is considered the main factor and powerhouse in building the nation.
At the developmental and industrial level, the UAE has witnessed dramatic transitions in this vital part. More than 11 industrial complexes have been established to meet the needs of different sectors of the community.
Despite difficult climatic circumstances and scarcity of water, the UAE has achieved a basic infrastructural foundation for agriculture. Date palm industry has been ranked first among other agricultural products. It is therefore exported to different countries of the world.
The UNs reports have confirmed that the UAE has achieved the highest growth rates of human development parallel to that of advanced countries. Highly developed social and economical programs have been implemented with a view of improving the standards of living of all citizens.
The UAE has been also progressing in all aspects by leaps and bounds enabling it to reach standards of advanced countries in many domains. In this regard, mass communication has greatly contributed to the political and social stability. The UAE mass media has been uniquely upgraded. The functions of wire services, weekly magazines, and monthly journals in the UAE have all been affected by the character of newspapers.
Public as well as private satellite services have been established with the aim of keeping in line with information technology in this globalization era.
The UAE has paid full attention to the protected areas. This was done with a view of reestablishing equilibrium between man and environment.
At the international level, the UAE has established strong relations with many countries of the world. The first Supreme Council of the GCC was held in Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital, which was the place where unforgettable stances towards supporting Palestinians emerged.
Yemeni-UAE relations
The Yemeni-UAE relations have witnessed considerable growth in different vital fields as both countries have been seeking to improve these relations for the better.
Thirty million US dollars have been allocated for the second phase of Marib Dam project by Abu Dhabi Development Fund, which also financed several vital projects in Yemen. The second phase of the Marib dam includes the implementation of water channels estimated at 66 km long with the aim of irrigating wide agricultural lands ranging from 4,000 to 5,000 hectares.
The Yemen-UAE trade, economic and investment relations have flourished significantly in a time Yemen is entitled to join some of the institutions of the GCC.
Capitalists as well as company owners in the UAE have shown great interest to invest their capitals in the available investment opportunities in Yemen in the field of oil and mineral wealth.
Abu Dhabi Development Fund has agreed to accept private bids to implement certain projects. At the same time, steps are being taken to hand over the contracts to initiate implementing the Mareb Dam project with a view of augmenting the agricultural products.
The UAE has made great contributions to establish the first phase of the Marib Dam, which contributed tremendously to the agricultural production of the governorate of Mareb throughout the last two decades as the region has restored its agricultural reputation in growing different kinds of crops.