Thousands vote, one killed in Mahwit [Archives:2006/1009/Local News]

December 21 2006

TAIZ, Dec. 20 ) Thousands of Yemeni voters headed to polling centers to cast their ballots in complementary elections and to fill vacant Parliament seats in Constituencies 47 and 166 in Taiz and Hodeidah respectively.

Media revealed that elections in some districts weren't successful and witnessed armed clashes. The most serious incident was in Malhan's Al-Shamasenah district in Mahwit, which left one person dead and five others injured.

Electoral committees embarked upon their tasks in 153 local and parliamentary constituencies at around 8 a.m., with voters rushing to polling centers from early morning.

A total of 670 nominees – 181 for the governorates and 489 for districts – competed for local council memberships, while eight nominees competed to fill two vacant Parliament seats in Constituencies 47 and 166.

Complementary elections for governorate local councils involved 26 polling centers, while district complementary elections were held in 126 local constituencies.

There were 299,763 eligible voters, including 95,413 women. The electoral process was conducted by 696 committees, of which 302 were women's committees. Additionally, there were contradictions regarding the number of polling centers where elections were halted, as well as numerous violations recorded at many voting centers.

According to the Supreme Committee for Elections and Referendum, elections to fill vacant Parliament positions in Constituencies 47 and 116 were conducted without any problems.