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January 4 2007

Maged Thabet Al-kholidy
[email protected]

To get educated, people join educational institutions like schools, universities, institutes etc. What to join, then, if people want to be cultured? Many people makes no distiction between culture and education, though they differ in terms of aims and methodology. Education is learnt with a limited scope to the field of study. Culture, on the other hand, is limitlessly acquired.

They; education and culture, may enhance each other. It is not necessary, however, that educated people are considered cultured or vice versa. Actually, it is expected to find uneducated and uncultured people. It is also not strange to find a large number of educated uncultured ones.

If old people might have mised the availability of different sources present nowadays, it is the role of youth to utilize such sources in a way that enriches thier knowledge in thier specializations and other cultural fields as well.

Since basic education, only knowledge related to curriculums is encourged with just few exceptions. Though the knowledge sources become unlimited, it is rare to find parents, for example, supply children with means that can enrich thier cultural acquaintance.

On this basis, children grow up, focusing mainly on materials related to study and no more. Frankly speaking, it is the case of not only children, but it also proves common among people of higher education as well.

For such people, knowledge is sought as an obligatory task and memorized to be poured out in examination papers in order to obtain certificates or higher academic degrees. In many cases, if not all, they soon forget that knowledge, or replace it for, at most, new puposes.

The situation is really awful when such educated uncultured people contact with illiterate or uneducated people. In such a situation, they are awaken to announce a new approach towrds knowledge in a claim to be cultured. Really, it is a good decision, but would they be able to get sure of where to start? and how?

Never mind, it is a very easy task since “when there is a will