Time to realize what’s going on [Archives:2004/802/Letters to the Editor]

December 27 2004

Saeed Al-amoudi
[email protected]

Sometimes I just wonder what people believe in and think about when looking at the events unfolding around the world, especially in the Middle East.

Nijole King, for instance, claims that Arabs didn't condemn enough the killing of the Iraqi aid worker. She probably doesn't watch Al-Jazeera. But to compare the death of an aid worker with thousands of dead Iraqis is truly out of context.

And she also claims that those are mere insurgents. Half of a country cannot become insurgents. I just hope that she accepts the facts that these people are genuine Iraqis and are telling Bush that he is not welcome and that he should keep his democracy to himself and America.

After all, Bush never came to liberate Iraq or to change a regime and bring democracy but to invade Iraq for oil and strategic reasons. Check the map and look where Iraq is located, particularly in comparison to Israel. She should also look at Iraq's borders with Saudi Arabia and Syria. Doesn't that give enough hints?

Let me explain what this basically means. As for Israel, like Saddam demonstrated, it's an easy target and not too far at all.

As for Saudi Arabia, its the center of the Islamic world and the worlds largest oil supplier and home to some of the biggest Islamic scholars.

Finally comes Syria, which is the only country that hasn't bowed to Israel yet and is a constant threat to its security.

No wonder why the US and Israel are so enthusiastic about occupying Iraq and keeping it a loyal ally. It is about time for us to realize what is going on.