‘Time’ will not fool us any more! [Archives:2005/824/Letters to the Editor]

March 14 2005

Barkatullah Marwat
[email protected]

The US magazine 'Time' has run some stories on Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, Pakistan's renowned scientist, declaring him as 'The Merchant of Menace'. Through your esteemed newspaper, let me make it clear to the editorial board of the magazine that sorry we cannot be fooled anymore by such kind of distorted and highly exaggerated stories, articles, columns and editorials. But the question is: why the magazine has failed to pose Arial Sharon as 'The Butcher of Menace' who killed and is still killing brazenly thousands of innocent Palestinians, who have been fighting off against the aggression of Jewish forces and why it failed again to expose the worst inefficiency of CIA over the failure of not finding any Iraqi WMDs? This is the freedom of press in the West?

We are Muslim and we have a firm faith and belief in Almighty Allah's saying 'Wa toghizzo mann tashaao wa tozillo mann tashaao' that it's only Allah Almighty Who grants distinction and humiliation to a man. Neither American government nor its Jewish lobby press can ever harm Khan's reputation, no matter what they publish. All I would say is that he was/is and will always be our national hero, no matter, what he did or not.