To Al-Haifi [Archives:2003/663/Letters to the Editor]

August 28 2003

Shah Maj
[email protected]

I still remember Hassan's long and critical articles written in 1994 in response to Baruch Goldstein's 26 February 1994 killings of Muslim worshippers in Jerusalem. I remember his strong condemnation and critique of the Israeli, American, and the whole Western world on how they “failed to call Baruch a 'Terrorist'” as if the “word is reserved for Arabs”.
For the last few weeks and after two massacres of Muslim worshipers in Yemen by a Yemeni, I am still waiting for any article by Hassan or any other YT staff condemning or critiquing these horrendous acts. Moreover, I am waiting for any Yemeni official (or Arab) to call these murderers “Terrorists”. Rather, the words used by YT were “troubled” and “stressed” individual!
Subhan Allah!! Just look at our double standards! In 1994 we were accusing the Jews of not calling Baruch a criminal terrorist and here we Yemenis are trying to pathetically not talk of our own mosque massacres by our own deranged Muslim brothers in a negative sense!!
How dare we even think of talking and analyzing and researching on other problems outside Yemen (be it Iraq, Palestine, or any place) when Yemenis are killing fellow Yemenis in mosques?? How dare we? We (YT) have become like that house owner who gives charities to outsiders while he allows his own family to die of starvation!
It well about time we put our own house in order!