To be a hero [Archives:2007/1099/Community]

November 1 2007

By: Ahlam Al-Awkabi
If you want to be a hero,

Let the devil away.

Take your God's key

To open the door of His way

To take His orders, which you must obey.

Then you will be okay.

If you want to be a hero,

Smile before your enemy,

Fight your problems without mercy,

Wait for your future keenly,

Close all the windows of suspicion tightly,

Live with your friends honestly.

If you want to be a hero,

Don't say everything happens hardly.

Just have the hardy

To make it handy.

Don't say that's funny!

Don't say it's fantasy.

Just understand what I said,

To be a hero briefly.

After that, just try.

Don't cry

And raise your hand to the sky.

Hate to be shy

To ask your God to make you a strong guy

To make you a hero

To make us heroes, you and I.

We should be heroes

Before we die.

That's what I want to say

Before I say, “Goodbye.”

Ahlam Ahmed Mussa'ad Al-Awkabi was born in Kuwait on Feb. 12, 1983. She received a Bachelor's in English from Sana'a University's Faculty of Education in 2006 and was involved in drawing, writing poetry and speech. She died Jan. 19 of this year in Sana'a, may God have mercy and blessings upon her.