To Haifi: Clean up our house first [Archives:2004/772/Letters to the Editor]

September 13 2004

Mike A.
Sanaa, Yemen

I want to respond to Hassan Al-Haifi's recent article. Why don't you give your Zionist paranoia rants a break and make a few statements about the disastrous state of:
1) Islam in general
2) Yemen in particular.
My patience has run out after 3 years here. I am so furious at your country. Yemen is so corrupt (and getting worse daily)- Arabia Felix Baksheesh, that youth Prophet and your God must be hanging their heads in shame.
They see that from the lowest clerk at any ministry, all the way to the president, nothing will get done without the obligatory baksheesh.
And you? You rant and rave on a weekly basis about others while being too scared to say a single critical whisper about your own religion and country.
Before talking about another's dirty houses make sure your own is clean and in order.
I hope that the editor lets you read letter this because I KNOW it will never be published.